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CompuAgent Directory Websites

A Directory website is simply a basic website that allows you to maintain a website directory of organizations that share a common theme.  The initial reason for the creation of this type of website was the creation of websites for real estate broker council websites where a common brand wanted to be able to unite some advertising dollars, but also had to agree on a website to use in their advertising campaigns.

A Directory website allows for the easy addition of organization names and their website links as well as additional custom content pertinent to the website's goals.

CompuAgent for eCommerce Websites

CompuAgent websites for eCommerce are coming soon.  With our forthcoming eCommerce functionality you will have a website with an integrated shopping cart, product inventory with as many photos per product as you can provide, and the same powerful ability to add as many additional web pages to your site as you need.

Furthermore, we will be breaking out our eCommerce product line to target several niche eCommerce business so that data such as product lines will be preloaded onto your website on day one, saving you the time and effort of doing that.

CompuAgent for Marketing Your Business

CompuAgent's core Content Management Facilities are ideal for creating any business website. Sure, it is nice to have the additional functionality that we are able to offer the real estate market or eCommerce oriented businesses, but just being able to create and manage your business website from anywhere is a huge boon.

And we are open to your ideas for your business. If you have a niche market that you believe functionality could be added for in order to allow us to fully serve that market let us know. We are always looking for new areas in which to expand and we are also looking for resellers.

CompuAgent Real Estate Websites It's not just a website, it's a complete marketing solution.
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