Office Intranet for Brokers and Agents

Send a Broadcast Email to everyone in the office or just to specific agents or staff, wherever there is an Internet connection.

Obtain an Office Phone List wherever there is an Internet connection. The phone list is fully integrated within CompuAgent so it updates automatically whenever an agent changes their contact information.

CompuAgent’s Inter-Office Calendar provides easier communication of office functions, meetings, floor duty, etc.  CompuAgent’s Online Document Repository of useful forms and documents allows everyone in an office to share commonly used forms, presentations, documents, etc., without having a cabinet full of paper.
CompuAgent Real Estate Website Office Intranet

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CompuAgent Real Estate Websites It's not just a website, it's a complete marketing solution.
Easy * Affordable * Customizable
$29.99 per month for an individual agent plan.
(10% discount with one year prepaid)

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